Low Dose THC Products

We are all familiar with the pain relief that cannabis can offer.  Cannabis is used to treat a variety of health conditions, but for some it can be too strong.  Low dosage cannabis has taken off recently due to the ability to cater to more customers.

Different people use cannabis for different reasons.  Some people use cannabis because they enjoy the high it gives them, while others use it to relax and relieve pain.  Some people use it because it helps them with certain medical conditions, and other people use it because they enjoy the feeling of euphoria and relaxation.  Whatever the reason, there are a lot of people using cannabis products for a lot of different reasons.  With that, low dose cannabis products are becoming more and more popular in the market.

Basically, low dosage cannabis products are lower in THC content than what is found in most cannabis products for recreational use, but may be high in CBD, the ingredient that provides the medical benefits of cannabis, like pain relief.  Most low dose products contain between 2.5 – 5% THC.  The difference is that low dose products are designed to give you a very mild high, if any and provide mild relief of pain, stress, and anxiety.  Also, some people feel it helps with focusing  and creativity.  Cannabis has been known for a long time as sleep-aid.  And for many, a low dose THC product may be a safer option than what is available at their local pharmacy.

Low dose products are also popular with people who are new to using cannabis.  A low dosage can also be used for people who are new to using herbal remedies. These products are available in many forms, including capsules, gummies, oral sprays, sprays, tablets, and topical products to name a few. The herbal remedies are used to relieve pain, but they are also useful for dealing with back pain, headaches, menstrual cramps, and the symptoms of auto-immune disease.

A new report, published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology, has found that low-dosage cannabis products are safe and effective in treating patients with chronic non-cancer pain. Researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia note that patients with chronic pain are often prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that have severe side effects.  As a result, many patients are turning to cannabis for pain relief.  To assess the safety and efficacy of cannabis products with varying concentrations of THC, the researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 14 studies with a total of 2,461 participants with chronic non-cancer pain.  “We found that patients using cannabis with a higher concentration of the main active ingredient, THC, experienced more pain relief,” said lead investigator Dr. Jason J. Hatton.

Consumers, especially those that are new to cannabis, should use a low dose to start with.  The saying is “start low, go slow”.  Start by using a low dose and then gradually increase the amount to a higher dose as you become more comfortable with it.  While the effects of low dosage cannabis products may be minimal, they can still be felt.  It’s also important to note that the effects of cannabis are different for everyone.

The low dose cannabis trend has been steadily growing for a while now, and it isn’t slowing down any time soon. Some of the benefits of low-dose THC products include: 1. Lower risk of side effects 2. Allows patients to consume cannabis without having to smoke or vape 3. An option for consumers to try cannabis without having to consume too much THC at once 4. An option for everyday use.

It’s no secret, the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes has been one of the most talked about topics for decades.  Many individuals are using the herb to treat conditions that would normally be treated with pharmaceutical drugs.  While there are many arguments on how it should be regulated, one thing is certain.  Low dosage cannabis products are becoming more and more popular, and for many people are just what they are looking for.  The new wave of low-THC products is available now—with even more products on the lower dose side coming soon.

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