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Premium Dispensaries

  • Trees Dispensary Englewood

  • WTJ MMJ Supply

  • The Hemp Center – Colorado Springs

  • The Hemp Center Littleton

  • Lucy Sky – Broadway

Shatter vs Wax

Shatter vs Wax

As you know, smoking and digesting buds or flower marijuana has been around many, many years.  In recent years, another option that has been gaining popularity is utilizing concentrates.  Now there are various types concentrates on the market; shatter, wax, resin to...

New 2020 Colorado Marijuana Laws

New 2020 Colorado Marijuana Laws

There are really three new laws in the marijuana industry in Colorado for 2020.  The first is House Bill 1234 which allows for the commercial delivery of marijuana.  Now, this will only affect the medical marijuana dispensaries.  The recreational dispensaries will not...

Julesburg, Colorado and Dispensaries

Julesburg, Colorado and Dispensaries

Julesburg is the northern most town in Colorado just less than a mile south of the Colorado – Nebraska state line.  It’s a small town, about 1.3 square miles. It’s located in Sedgwick County.  Now, back in 1859 gold was discovered in the Pikes Peak area of southern...

Recreational Dispensaries

  • 1859

  • Acme Healing Center – Silverton

  • Alpenglow – Breckenridge

  • Alpenglow – Dillon

  • Altitude – East Colfax

  • Altitude – West Denver

  • Altitude Organic

  • Blue Heron Dispensary

  • Bonfire Cannabis Co. – Central City

  • Bonfire Cannabis Co. – Idaho Springs

  • Bonfire Cannabis Co. – Tabernash

  • Breckenridge Organic Therapy

Medical Dispensaries

  • Ajoya – Lakewood

  • Altitude Organic

  • Altitude Organic

  • Altitude Organic

  • Apothecary Farms – Colorado Springs

  • Ascend Cannabis Co. – Lakewood

  • Ascend Cannabis Co. – Littleton

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