Nancy Whiteman and Wana Brands

Make Colorado Proud

Nancy Whiteman, is the CEO of Wana Brands, is North America’s number one producer of cannabis infused products. She has been referred to as The Queen of Legal Weed by Inc. and the Martha Stewart of Edibles by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Wana Brands, based in Boulder, Colorado, was formed by Nancy in 2010. The company focused on cannabis-infused edibles, specializing in gummies.  It was a bootstrapped beginning with an initial investment of more than $50,000 from personal savings.  The banking laws were then as they are today, obtaining a bank loan was not an option with cannabis still illegal on the federal level.

Wana Brands’ initial focus was on the medical marijuana industry and later entered the recreational marijuana industry in 2014 upon legalization in Colorado.  In 2010, the medical marijuana industry in Colorado was still a little like the wild west.  There were no packaging restrictions and quality testing was limited.  When Wana first started producing their gummies, quality and consistency was just as important then as it is today. They started internally testing their own products before it became a state requirement.  Food chemists and consultants were hired to ensure the quality, taste, and texture of their products.  Wana gummies were soon available in separate categories of indica, sativa and hybrid which gives the patient or consumer more options when looking for a product that better addressed their needs.  When recreational marijuana was legalized, gummies became a nice option for many people to enjoy cannabis in a discreate way.

Whiteman’s Wana Brands is a privately held company and has reported that sales grew quickly its first year by approximately $100,000.  As North America’s leading edible producer, it is estimated that Wana Brands’ yearly sales now exceed $120 million. Wana Brands is currently licensed in 11 but soon to be 12 states and Canada.

Why such great success?  Right product… Right time?  The answer is yes to all, but there’s more to it.  This is a Colorado company that places values and quality of their products above all else.  Early on Whiteman saw the positive impact cannabis has had on medical patients and those suffering from cancer and opioid addiction with a less-risky pain management approach.  On the quality side, their patients and customers are truly their number one priority.  On the values side, company culture, environment, diversity, and inclusion are at the top of the list.  Wana Brands is a woman led company that believes their moral obligation is to promote a level playing field for everyone who wants to participate in the industry.  They promote an environment which includes anti-racism and diversity training. 

Wana Brands is now partnering with The Green Solution (TGS), one of the first recreational cannabis brands in the nation, and the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) to host COVID-19 vaccination clinics during the Summer of Quick Tour at key Denver metro TGS dispensaries.  The partnership between CDPHE, Wana Brands and TGS is part of the ongoing effort to raise the state’s vaccination rate even higher to protect against further outbreaks and deaths.

Wana’s “Summer of Quick Tour”, promoting  Wana’s Quick Fast-Acting Gummies,

features the Wana sprinter van which will be making stops along the front range from Fort Collins to Pueblo, including Denver, Boulder, Louisville, west to Dillon, Frisco, Breckenridge and south to Trinidad.  The Colorado stops will feature Wana Quick Mobile Happy Hours where customers can enjoy games, music, prizes, and flash deals on Wana products.  The Tour supports nonprofit organizations across the state where Wana is available.  Some of this year’s beneficiaries include We Don’t Waste, Wildland Firefighter Foundation and HeadCount among others.  The tour in Colorado runs from August 7 through September 5thSee the Colorado Tour schedule here.

Here are three key company components that are listed at their website.


Our mission is to help people enhance their lives physically, creatively, and emotionally through the responsible use of cannabis.


Build a premiere global cannabis-infused products brand that exemplifies consistency, quality, and innovation. Forge a dynamic company that creates opportunities and prosperity for our employees and partners. Advance the local and global movement that makes cannabis legal and accessible to all.


Resiliency, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Optimism, Emotional Intelligence, Creative, Transparency, Collaboration, Customer Focus (Internal & External), Directness.

I’m proud that they are a Colorado company.  It shows that by focusing on quality, customers and employees, good things can happen. 

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