What is the future of CBD?

Where do you see CBD in the future? Where would you like to see CBD be use in this world? There is a lot of hype regarding the many uses of marijuana booming right now and we cannot help but to notice all the attention that CBD has attracted in the past decade. As some may know CBD, with less than 0.3% THC, is a legal substance at the federal level, is derived from the marijuana plant but does not actually give you the mind-altering effects that higher THC content brings to the table. There is a growth in consumerism happening and it could correlate with the fact that this CBD does not get you high, so it is less intimidating and a more welcoming product than its partner in crime with THC. There have also been various health studies that suggest CBD can help with anxiety, aches and pains, depression, acne, restlessness, and has even been used in cases in the treatment of MS as well as epilepsy. CBD can be used in a wide variety of products including topicals, oils, gummies, beverages, and lotions just to name a few. With what seems to be the perfect medicinal product, we cannot help but to wonder what that looks like for industries such as skin care/cosmetology, food, and beverage, as well as the medical field. With marijuana being legalized in various states, the use of CBD has skyrocketed in the past few years. Even though CBD, with a low level of THC is legal on the federal level there are still some states that have not hopped on the bandwagon yet. But as time will tell, this fast-moving industry is not slowing down any time soon. 

Where do you want to see more additions of CBD used in your products? How can we incorporate CBD in our everyday uses? How about all our makeup products, face washes, and body washes? Companies are on the rise in finding new innovative ways to differentiate their product as well as making them more natural and health conscious. Some are adding CBD lotions to their available products to be used in spas and massage businesses as well. But to take it a step even further, maybe incorporating it into such things as eye drops, cold medicines, multivitamins and even tampons for women could be a new option. One famous celebrity Whoopi Goldberg hopped on the train to CBD town with her medical products that help with menstrual discomfort called Whoopi and Maya. They offer CBD infused bath soaks, body balms, and tinctures. What woman says no to anything that helps take menstrual pain away? 

CBD is also used in the making of drinkable and edible products. Why not have the option to add a shot of CBD, to your coffee or tea? I am looking at you Starbucks. Why not have a bar with CBD drinks on tap? CBD ice cream shops? Coffee shops? The possibilities are endless when it comes to ways to incorporate CBD into the food and beverage industry. There is a marijuana dispensary in downtown Denver called Habit Doughnuts that has two locations that have found a unique way to incorporate CBD into their menu. They have CBD tinctures to enjoy in your drink, a CBD cold brew, as well as CBD bitters that can be added to one of their delicious cocktails offered. Having this option brings new and exciting ways to enjoy all the health benefits CBD brings to the forefront. 

All this talk seems to be such fun and games though, there is one major section that CBD could have a greater impact on in the world than we realize. The ever-dooming medical field. With drug companies ruling the world and pills given out like candy to populations of people, I cannot help but wonder how many of these prescriptions could be thrown out in lieu of the health benefits of CBD. Maybe a little CBD oil throughout the day can replace the 3 horse pills that are needed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Maybe instead of sleeping aids, the right amount of CBD is ingested to get a proper night’s rest. Maybe, instead of those antidepressant pills that may be taken for the rest of your life can be put aside for a more holistic approach which could be the ticket out of the orange bottle. CBD offers a holistic approach to combat many ailments. There is a dispensary in Colorado Springs called Connected Healing, which provides CBD consultations to see what the best product for you is based on your needs. They will take your information and guide you to the product which may be more beneficial for home use. What more can you ask for? 

The positive possibilities for CBD are on the rise and we can only hope that the research that is being done even furthers our understanding about the health benefits that this beautiful plant provides us. Let us kick things into high gear and create a new world of CBD usage. From what research has been gathered, there does not seem to be any downfalls to using these products besides wanting more! What an exciting time for this industry and it is critical, especially with this pandemic, to support small businesses and encourage the growth of the CBD industry.  CBD on my friends and always be excited about what the future holds.

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