Doobba Delivery Services Not Renewing License

Colorado’s first legal cannabis delivery company, Doobba, licensed in Denver and Aurora has shut down operations.  Founded in August 2021 by Ari and Karina Cohen, it was the first social equity cannabis company licensed in Denver. The City of Denver made cannabis delivery licenses exclusively available to social equity applicants in April 2021 to make the cannabis industry more accessible and equitable.

It appears that the licensing fee, especially in Denver, close to  $28,000 annually, is a heavy burden to overcome.  Other states with legal recreational cannabis operations have delivery services with much lower licensing fees. 

In addition, Doobba was only able to deliver in certain jurisdictions. Due to those restrictions, delivery couldn’t always reach those who most needed cannabis due to physical or other limitations.   Almost one year after the City of Denver legalized marijuana delivery, just 19 of Denver’s 206 dispensaries provide the service.

Illegal cannabis delivery was another factor that hurt the legal operators, who were faced with profitability-restricting high insurances and fees.

Ari and Karina Cohen plan to maintain the Doobba brand with hopes of converting to a cannabis consulting operation.

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