JAD’s Mile High Smoke

JAD’s Mile High Smoke, located at 7667 Washington St. in Denver, is slated for an April 22 opening.  It will be the state’s first recreational sales and hospitality business.  JAD’s Mile High Smoke is a lounge where consumers can come to buy cannabis products and consume them onsite.  The location is a  4,000-square-foot lounge with TVs, arcade, and video games, much like a local sports bar.  But unlike a local sports bar, alcohol beverages will not be served.

Like a local sports bar, there will be a menu, but unlike a local sports bar, the menu will include line items including cannabis flower, concentrates and edibles.  All necessary “utensils” for consumption will be provided.  Pre-rolled joints and rolling papers will be available.  JAD’s will also offer a silicone pipe that customers get to keep with a flower purchase.  Sanitized Bongs will be made available for individual use. Vape cartridges, single use vape pens will also be available for purchase.

Unlike your local sports bar, there are limits how much you can purchase.  Consumers can purchase up to two grams of flower, a half-gram of concentrate or 20 milligrams of edibles (served up to 10 milligrams at a time) during one visit.

THC will also be available in a beer format, again no alcohol.  Ceria Brewing Co.’s Grainwave Belgian-style white ale and its Indiewave India pale ale, each with 5 and 10 milligrams of THC per serving, is expected to be available in cans. THC-infused soda and sparkling water served on draft will be available. 

If the munchies kick in, light snacks. personal pizza and hot dogs will be available. There is an outdoor patio with artificial turf.  There are plans for a small stage to host bands and comedians during special events.  As the business grows, expect to see a rotating option of food trucks to park in the outdoor area too.

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