Mike Tyson Cannabis Line Soon to Include Ear-Shaped Edibles

In October of 2021 former heavy weight champion Mike Tyson launched a new company, Tyson 2.0, which was a new cannabis company.  This was not his first business in the cannabis industry.  Previously, in 2018 he launched Tyson Ranch, which is 40-acre cannabis ranch in California.  In 2019, his podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, reached over 40 million listeners.  The podcast includes interviews with former athletes, celebrities, and comedians while enjoying some of his favorite cannabis products.

The Tyson 2.0 company offers a verity of products including some of his personal favorites, flower, concentrates, edibles, beverages, and pre-rolls.  He serves as the company’s chief brand.  Tyson 2.0 has partnered with Columbia Care Inc., one of the country’s largest cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors of cannabis, which will sell the line of products through its dispensaries and at the wholesale level to other retailers.

Now the former boxer is launching a new cannabis gummy edible in the shape of an ear with a bite taken out.  This is a humorous reference to one of the most unusual heavy weight championship fights in boxing history.  That night, June 28, 1997, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the third round, Mike Tyson bit off a part of Evander Holyfield’s ear. Tyson was disqualified from the match and lost his boxing license, though it was later reinstated.

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield have long patched up their differences and now are friends.  The new Tyson 2.0 product is called “Mike Bites”. Tyson 2.0 products are available in the Green Solution dispensaries here in Colorado, but no schedule or a timetable has been set if or when they will carry Mike Bites gummies.  Call your local Green Solution dispensary for updates. 

Update –

The state of Colorado in the United States has officially banned Mike Tyson’s ear-shaped marijuana edible gummies named ‘Mike Bites’ due to a law that was introduced back in 2016. Colorado have prohibited weed edibles from being shaped like humans to avoid experiencing situations where marijuana is exposed to kids. Because of that law, Mike Bites will be manufactured in the shape of a “T” in Colorado, according to Tyson 2.0. 

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                          Utrecht, Netherlands

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