Denver Approves Cannabis Hospitality Licenses

The city of Denver has started to approve cannabis hospitality licenses for some businesses which will soon allow for people to legally consume cannabis at their place of business.  Under the hospitality licenses, businesses cannot sell marijuana, but can allow on-site consumption of marijuana bought elsewhere.

Prior to the approval of these new hospitality licenses, people could partake in marijuana legally outside their home if it was at a private social club operating on a membership. But, in 2021 Denver revised its hospitality rules and regulations prohibiting private clubs to allow on-site consumption until new hospitality regulations were established.

Upon the completion of the new regulations, Denver started accepting applications in the fourth quarter of 2021 for the “new” Cannabis Hospitality Licenses.  On Monday, March 21, 2022, the city approved a license for an existing private club in Rino called the Tetra Lounge and Garden, pending completion of required inspections, they will be legally allowed to operate an open a consumption lounge.  Tetra Lounge and Garden is located at 3039 Walnut Street Denver.  Their goal is to be open for operation by 4/20.  Tetra Private Lounge and Garden is offering daily, monthly, and annual memberships in a safe and enjoyable environment in which to consume cannabis products while socializing with like-minded individuals. Members can experience a wide range of private cannabis related events and daily smoke sessions.

On Friday, March 25th, the city approved it’s second hospitality license to the Patterson Inn.  They will receive the license once they successfully complete the required inspections.

The Patterson Inn is a National Landmark located at 420 E 11th Ave Suite 12, Denver in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The Patterson Inn features nine suites, each designed around its own unique theme. The Patterson Inn is expected to operate as a marijuana bed and breakfast.  Hotel guests will be allowed to purchase day passes to the smoking lounge for $4.20 and bring a friend for an additional $7.10.  The daily passes are not available to the public, annual passes will soon be available.  The Patterson Inn will not be providing the cannabis, so guests will have to bring their own Grass.

The other business, The Coffee Joint, is currently the only licensed marijuana hospitality establishment operating in Denver. That business transitioned from an old cannabis license to a hospitality establishment license earlier in the month. Under the old license, Coffee Joint couldn’t allow smoking indoors. They can allow smoking with the new hospitality establishment license, but at this point do not have plans to switch over. At the Coffee Joint patrons can vaporizer flower, consume edibles, and dab concentrates using vape pens or an electric nail. The smoking of cannabis or tobacco is prohibited. There is one other pending application for a hospitality and sales license that is scheduled for a public hearing in April of 2022. The Denver Weed Lounge has applied for that license, which would allow people to both buy and consume cannabis at one business.

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