Colorado Offers Business Loans to Cannabis Industry

Colorado has become one of the first states to offer business loans to the cannabis industry. The loans are being offered through the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) The loans are available to social equity licensed cannabis businesses, which are businesses owned by people who … Read more

Tetra Lounge: A Cannabis Oasis in Denver, with Memberships

Tetra Private Lounge and Garden is a private cannabis consumption lounge. They offer a safe and enjoyable environment to consume cannabis products while socializing with like-minded individuals. They are located at 3039 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205. The hours of operation are Sunday and Monday 12pm-10pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 2pm-10pm … Read more

Cannabis Vending Machines Back in Colorado

Cannabis vending machines are not new to Colorado.  In 2014 the state of Colorado established legislation for vending machines that sold only edibles for medical use only.  Seattle followed up with vending machines for medical patients only offering flower buds.  Patients with a valid medical card and a driver’s license … Read more

Denver Approves Cannabis Hospitality Licenses

The city of Denver has started to approve cannabis hospitality licenses for some businesses which will soon allow for people to legally consume cannabis at their place of business.  Under the hospitality licenses, businesses cannot sell marijuana, but can allow on-site consumption of marijuana bought elsewhere. Prior to the approval … Read more

Colorado Proposition 119- Yes or No

Creation of Out-of-School Education Program and Marijuana Sales Tax Increase Initiative Proposition 119 It would create the Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program, LEAP Program. Eligible children would include children at least five years of age and no older than 17 years who are eligible for admission to Colorado public … Read more

Colorado General Assembly Legislative Session 2021

Marijuana and Hemp Bills There were ten bills introduced this Colorado legislative session regarding marijuana and eight of them passed.  The big changes were related to medical marijuana, possession limits and industry regulations.  Here are some of the house and senate bills that had a significant impact on Colorado’s marijuana … Read more

Potential Push for a Potency Cap in Colorado

As we see more states legalizing recreational marijuana, fifteen plus the district of Columbia to date, anti-marijuana groups have changed their strategy.   No longer fighting the legalization battle, these groups are putting their money and resources into industry regulations.  There have not been public statements from any of these groups regarding Colorado, … Read more